KTM 450 Rally


This is the 2014/15 KTM 450 Rally factory race bike that Marc Coma, Francisco Lopez and Ruben Faria will ride in the 2014 Dakar Rally,

The 2014/15 race bike is a completely new machine from the ground up, KTM’s goal with the 450 Rally was to build a lighter, slimmer, and better handling machine than the previous machine, which was basically a 600cc-class chassis with a 450cc motor wedged into it. Now building a new bike around a brand new motor, all from the ground-up, KTM believes it has the ultimate adventure-racer in its arsenal.

More like a motocross bike in its design than the bulky 2013 model was, the 2014/15 KTM 450 Rally is a stunning piece of kit.