MV Agusta F4-Z by Zagato


This F4Z is the collaboration bwtween MV Agusta and coachbuilder Zagato. The F4Z is just a one-off creation, As it turns out, the F4Z is a custom order commissioned by an unnamed Japanese businessman who asked Zagato to build a motorcycle that was unique yet classic and didnít subscribe to any fleeting trends.

Mechanically, the F4Z retains most of its donor bike, the MV Agusta F4. Zagato designed the bodywork, crafting it from a mix of aluminum and carbon fiber. Zagato kept the number of body panels to a minimum, instead relying on fewer, larger pieces than whatís typically found on mass-produced motorcycles. Some components needed to be adapted or re-engineered. Others, such as the fuel tank, intake manifolds, battery and exhaust, were specially made just for the F4Z.