BMW F 800 Reloaded



Unstoppable – that's the advertising slogan of BMW; stopped short and reloaded by AC Schnitzer, that's the F800 Reloaded by AC Schnitzer. The F800 Reloaded doesn't look quite so bare now with its new front spoiler, only showing the tops of its two cylinders.

Sporting performance on one hand, and dynamic touring on the other - but without all the weight on the lower arms, that's what many riders want. To meet this need, a Superbike Handlebar Conversion has been developed, which with its tapered handlebars and full black anodized finish, has a highly sophisticated appearance to match all standard paint finishes. The Superbike Handlebar conversion comes complete with all components necessary for fitting.

Frequent glances behind to see who's been overtaken have a clearer view on the F800 Reloaded with the AC Schnitzer mirror extensions which mount on the standard handlebars and are included in the Superbike Handlebar conversion from AC Schnitzer.

Perfect control and clever design characterise the adjustable AC Schnitzer brake and clutch levers. Made from high-strength aviation-quality aluminium, they are adjustable over a wide range and allow perfect grip for even small hands. The colour is called Titanium, which perfectly suits the sophisticated finish.

For road use, there is the new AC Schnitzer STEALTH silencer with EC approval and removable DB-Killer which gives the AC Schnitzer F 800 Reloaded the final visual and acoustic touch on the road. With its matt black finish and carbon caps, it's the first choice for every colour of BMW F 800 R.

In collaboration with partner WP Suspension, AC Schnitzer has developed suspension for the F 800 Reloaded which is tailored for performance riding but also functions perfectly in everyday use. The fully adjustable Fusion Spring Strut for the rear goes one step further than the standard part and meets the highest standards of performance. Much can be achieved at little cost if the fork springs are changed for the more progressive ones from AC Schnitzer / WP Suspension. More braking reserves with no loss of comfort, and at a very economic price.

AC Schnitzer Performance Air Filters which work perfectly with the AC Schnitzer STEALTH silencer, crashpads which prevent serious damage in the case of a fall, and the AC Schnitzer fork reinforcement are further products in the range.

Source: AC Schnitzer