Highland Group AB is a motorcycle manufacturer based in Sweden which was founded in 1997. The first development plant belonging to Highland was located in Skällinge in southern Sweden, the same place where the company developed and produced one of the most popular engines of the company, namely the 950 V-twin. What's interesting is that the motorcycles produced by Highland are 100 percent handmade.

Since its early years of activity, Highland grew up a lot becoming one of the largest companies in its area. At this time, Highland struggles to expand its market coverage in both Asia and Europe through new development centers but also with the help of the local companies.

For instance, the company has recently launched a joint venture project with a Chinese company which may bring up an interesting product for the motorcycle industry.

Highland has created multiple advanced motorcycles, such as the 950 Dirt Track or the Desert Storm. All the bikes produced by the company are equipped with multiple advanced features beside the engine.

For instance, the Highland Desert Storm, a bike designed by the Swedish company in 2006, comes with a four-stroke engine equipped with a liquid cooling system which can produce 85 horsepower at 6000rpm and a toruq of 77 lb-ft at 4000 rpm, being entirely based on an injection fuel system. In addition, it comes with a 6-speed gearbox and with an x-ring chain, the bike being equipped with discs on both front and rear brakes.

The Highland Dirt Track is quite a similar bike, coming with the same four-stroke engine with liquid cooling system as well as with an injection fuel system. The engine installed on the bike is able to produce 85 horsepower at 7000rpm and a torque of 62 lb-ft at 5000rpm.