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Confederate Motorcycles is a boutique motorcycle design and manufacturing company that relocated from New Orleans to 2222 5th Avenue South in Birmingham following Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

The company was founded in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on April 2, 1991 by former trial lawyer Matt Chambers. The company's design department is headed by Ed Jacobs. Other designers include Brian Case, Henry Rhodes, J. T. Nesbitt and Myles Peters.

The company struggled early on, filing for bankruptcy in 2002

On the weekend that Katrina hit New Orleans, Chambers was in Bahrain accepting a $1 million cash investment from that nation's crown prince. The storm destroyed Confederate's office and factory. Subsequently the company was recruited to Birmingham on the strength of the state's emerging automotive industry and the availability of the Barber Motorsports Park's race course and motorcycle collection. George Barber was active in discussions with Chambers. At the time the relocation was announced, Confederate expected to invest $10 million into a new plant which would employ as many as 100.