Big Bear Devil´s Advocate Chopper




The Devil’s Advocate Chopper has proven itself in the American big-twin market with its great handling, style, reliability and high-end components. The frame has a 6” stretched single radius downtube to give it a chopper stance. The Devil’s Advocate Chopper is perfect for if you’re looking for a wide tire, chopper-style motorcycle with incredibly clean lines at an affordable price. Standard components include the proprietary low vibration 100 SMOOTH™ polished engine in front of a Baker 6-speed overdrive transmission, exclusive primary drive, chrome frontend and controls, and so on. This chopper handles remarkably well due to our extensive R&D. Our frame and frontend calculations are ‘to the tee’ with the final trail measurement, resulting in no frontend flop or high speed wobble. The Devil’s Advocate Chopper was designed to feel good in the saddle from here to Sturgis and back. So you can have your style and ride it too.

“With a 40° rake and a low ridin’ seat height of 23.5”, this Devil will look smokin’ hot and way cool hauling you down the Highway to Hell.” said by Chris Maida, for the cover story of American Iron Magazine. March 2008.

Design Features:
• Distinctive large diameter single radius downtube
• Tall Chopper style neck height with an obtainable yet appealing 40° rake
• Low seat of 23.5” that enables low speed confidence and maneuverability
• Flowing oil tank and rolling fenders finish with an exaggerated tip
• Sleek large capacity tear drop style fuel tank
• Famous patented Venom™ arched swingarm
• Stylistic and ergonomically sound handlebars