Big Bear Screamin Demon




The Screamin Demon is our version of a fifties ‘Bobber’ style motorcycle with a Big Bear Chopper modern day avant-garde design at a budget friendly price. With its short wheelbase, this bike takes on corners easier than the other Big Bear Buddies from the fleet. The little voice in your head will tempt you to scream down the highways and bob through traffic like a bat out of hell. Your beats per minute will race even faster. The rigid chassis features a vintage wishbone style downtube with comfort from the spring saddle, a conservative 34° neck rake with a small peanut fuel tank and a round oil bag. Standard components include the proprietary low vibration 100 SMOOTH™ engine in front of a Baker 5-speed transmission, exclusive primary drive, springer frontend, chrome controls, and so on. The roads go forever. The Screamin Demon will take you there. Satisfy your thirst for adventure by savoring the chill and thrill of the Screamin Demon.

Design Features:
• Vintage inspired rigid frame with a compact 34° rake for a wicked road demon
• Low seat of 24” that enables low speed confidence and maneuverability
• Stock length retro wishbone type downtubes
• Neat Merc™ springer frontend
• Retro inspired round oil tank
• Old school styled small peanut fuel tank
• Spring saddle designed for style and comfort
• Exclusive and cool tall handlebars

Component Features:
• 100 SMOOTH™ Low Vibration Engine at 112 lbs. of Torque
• 5-Speed Left-Side Drive Polished Transmission
• Enclosed Wet Chain Polished Primary Drive
• 60 Spoke Stainless Steel Wheels with 21” Front and 250mm Rear Tire
• 4-Piston Caliper Brakes
• Springer Frontend
• Chrome Digital Dash
• Chrome Tuned Exhaust

Factory Options:
• Polished Engine
• 6-Speed Transmission
• Open Belt Primary Drive
• Billet Wheels
• Red Rims and Hubs for Spoke Wheels
• Standard or Custom Paint Scheme