Brammo Enertia Plus



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Brammo Enertia Plus


Motor High output sealed brushless permanent magnet AC
Battery Brammo Power™ Lithium-Ion NCM
Battery  Pack Capacity 6.2 kWh (nominal)
Battery  Pack Voltage 88.8 V (nominal)
Recharge Time 2Approximately 7.5 hours from 0% SOC
Battery Life 1,500 cycles to 80% initial capacity
Starting Electric

Max Power

13 kW / 17 hp @ 4500 rpm

Max Torque

40 Nm / 4.08 kgf-m / 29.5 @ 0 - 1450 rpm
Clutch Clutchless
Transmission Continuous
Frame Lightweight extruded and welded aluminum - serves as a battery tray

Front Suspension

Marzocchi Shiver hydraulic USD with compression damping adjustment.

Front Wheel Travel

127.5 mm / 5.0:

Rear Suspension

Works Performance hydraulic with pre-load and rebound damping adjustment.

Rear Wheel Travel

127.5 mm / 5.0:

Front Brakes

Brembo hydraulic

Rear Brakes

Brembo hydraulic

Front Wheel

2.50 x 18" Cast aluminum

Rear Wheel

3.5 x 17" Cast aluminium


Length: 2070 mm / 81.5"

Width:     840 mm / 33.0"

Seat Height 810 mm / 32.0"


150 kg / 330 lbs


272 kg / 600 lbs
Regenerative Braking Under deceleration, energy is returned to the battery system to both extend driving range and provide familiar rider feedback.
Driving Range City: 80 miles/ 129* km
Highway: (@55mph/88km/h): 45 miles/ 72 km**
Combined: 57.6 miles/ 93 km***
*SAE City Riding Range Test Procedure for Electric Motorcycles (variable speed, 19 mph / 30km/h average)
**SAE Highway / Constant Speed Riding Range Test Procedure for Electric Motorcycles (55 mph / 88 km/h sustained)
*** SAE Highway Commuting Cycle (.5 City weighting, .5 Highway weighting)
Top Speed 95 km/h / 60 mph

The Enertia Plus takes the award winning Brammo Enertia and sets a new level in performance. The latest Brammo Power® battery dramatically increases range from 40 to 80 miles. A tighter turning radius makes city riding even more enjoyable. Charging is simplified on the Plus. While the Plus displays an almost identical profile to the original Enertia new colors combined with the latest Brammo graphics make the Plus instantly recognizable.

The Enertia 100% electric motorcycle was designed from the beginning to be environmentally friendly. Here are some of the ways that BRAMMO and the Enertia keep the world clean:

* 100% electrical motor; no gasoline, motor oil, or other petrochemicals
* Manufactured in the United States with 100% clean energy
* Uses recycled materials in many components
* Production requires less than 10% of the material resources needed for an average car
* The Enertia powercycle can be recycled
* The Enertia's Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are very safe and do not contain any heavy metals
* The Enertia's batteries can be recycled for many other uses
* BRAMMO is a 100% clean technology company

Source Brammo 

Paying homage to motorcycle history, the Enertia Plus represents an iconic and defining design for electric motorcycles.

With no clutch to operate or gears to shift, the Enertia Plus is incredibly smooth and simple to ride.

Built from premium parts like Marzocchi forks, Brembo brakes, and a Works Performance rear shock, the Enertia Plus radiates quality.

Discover how you can save thousands of dollars thanks to federal and state tax incentives for Enertia Plus riders.