Exile Dyna Streetbob




Coming from Exile Machines, this custom looking Super-Moto is actually 2006 StreetBob Dyna Harley Davidson. With this build, Russell Mitchell tried something different. He kept the chassis in stock form, while mixing and matching new custom parts (mostly from Exile catalog) in order to create different looks of the bike. This way bike would be within the legal custom motorcycle legislations (which are getting tougher every year) while people will get inspired and possibly buy and try to build something suiting their own personal style. Smart approach, we gotta say.

Wheels have been powder coated in satin orange giving them almost plastic feel. Tires are dual purpose Avon Distanzia and the front brake is a very minimal Harley floating rotor. Exile fitted his own 4 piston caliper system to go with the discs. Rear brake is Russell’s design – combining sprocker and a disc brake – most well known part of his custom parts line-up. You can also spot an inverted Exile front fork and 15 inch Works Performance rear shocks. There are numerous features on this bike, and some of them are as follows: Renthal crossbar, Exile FatBars, 88ci motor that was treated to a extra powder-coat, 2.5” Monster Reverse Shotgun pipes, also from Exile, etc. There are options for single and two-person seat.

Source:  Exile Cycles. via