Lazareth LM 847


The LM 847 is build by Lazareth Motoring, a French/Swiss company. The name is a reference to its power: eight cylinders and 4.7L of displacement. Just ahead of the seat lies a Maserati V8, sourced directly from the GranTurismo. Because it makes 470 hp, there’s no need to shift gears. In lieu of a gearbox, a hydraulic coupling rations 457 lb-ft of torque to the dual rear chains.

Flanking the cylinder heads are stainless headers that are obviously hand fabricated. They are almost a mirror image side to side, adding to the symmetry found everywhere on this machine. With a dry weight under 900 lbs, it has a better power to weight ratio than a cruise missile. Brakes are equally as capable with 16.5″ rotors up front. Michelin Power Cup Evo tires are among the best in the world.



  4.7L V8 Maserati 32 valves
Capacity:  4691 cc displacement
Exhaust:   2 stainless steel manifolds 4 in 1
Power:  470 hp at 7000 rpm
:  620 Nm at 4750 rpm

Transmission:  hydraulic coupler - 1 speed final drive chains