OCC Paul Sr's Old School Themed Production Bike




American Chopper has three choppers. The first two bikes is from the episode "Sr. vs. Jr." in building there next production bike, Paul Sr's is an Old School bike that features all off the shelve parts. Paul Jr's is a Web Themed bike like the Black Widow bike that features a custom 3D flowjet front and rear fender and a simple black and red paint scheme. The latest chopper, the Go Daddy.com bike that features a lime green and yellow paint scheme on an Indy Car Danica Patrick themed racing bike, both bikes are unique.

My opinion, for the Sr vs Jr, I would purchased Paul Jr's Web Themed bike, I like the simple web theme, including the fact that the Black Widow is one of my favorite bikes next to the Jet Bike, Firebike, Lincoln bike and Shelby Bike. On Paul Sr's, my father likes this one with its simple paint scheme and all off the shelve parts. As for the Godaddy.com bike, in metal form with no paint, this bike was great, live the arceing theme, but that lime type green and yellow with ornage wheels paint job doesn't work for me. Black would have been better wioth a couple of others colors here and there would have been better.

OCC Paul Sr Series