OCC Kansas City Royals Bike





OCC Klipsch Chopper

Like every OCC chopper, the Klipsch bike is unique. It reflects the legendary 62-year-old company’s true personality by featuring its signature copper and black color scheme, horn and woofer assemblies, a working iPod® dock, detailed Paul W. Klipsch (PWK) logos on each chrome wheel’s blade-like spokes, as well as Klipsch logos on the air filter and black leather seat.

For those who are unaware, proprietary horn-loaded technology has—and will always be—the driving force behind Klipsch’s highly acclaimed and stunningly precise sound. In fact, Paul W. Klipsch founded the company in 1946 on the promise of a corner horn-loaded speaker design.

“Our bike rocks—literally! For us to be part of something like this is too cool for words, but you definitely feel it once you sit on it,” said Mike Klipsch, president of Klipsch Audio Technologies. “High performance all-around—it’s ‘eye-catching style meets sheer brute strength’.”

“We customize theme bikes for lots of different companies, but this one is second to none,” said Paul Sr. “It really incorporates Klipsch’s standards of high-performance, high-quality audio into a truly unique ride.”

“The Klipsch name has always stood for high-performance audio,” said Paul Sr. “Whether it’s their headphones, home theater products or commercial designs, everything I’ve heard from Klipsch sounds fantastic.”

Additional Chopper Details

• 10 ft. long and weighs 600 pounds
• Back tire is 300 mm
• Size and type of engine: A S&S 117 cubic-inch motor (1916CC)
• 120 horsepower with 135 foot-pounds of torque
• Six-speed transmission
• 3.5-gallon gas tank with a half-gallon reserve
• Features a pair of Klipsch K-77D horns and an RVX-42 woofer