Rucker Nostalgia




If you have a Harley Softail or Roadking and still crave for that early look you shouldn’t think at buying and restoring a 1950’s cruiser, but consider transforming the model you already own into what it is called the Rucker Nostalgia. It is actually a package that comes on the previously mentioned models and does a radical transformation.
The transformation only concerns 2007 or later Harley Softail and Roadking models and it involves reshaped fuel tank and fenders in order to resemble bikes from that lost but not forgotten era. It is all about the attention to details which brings to the scene the hybrid tin primary cover, faux fuel shut off knob and split tank effects.

Last but not least, there is the 50’s accessories range which brings the enthusiastic rider even closer the image they’ve been searching ever since they’ve seen grandpa’s pictures on its then new Harley-Davidson motorcycle.


The force was supplied with such Harley-Davidson motorcycles for as long as everybody can remember. Real tractors on two wheels, the patrol models fitted perfectly in crowded cities such as L.A. and N.Y. while the highway was their middle name. It is hard to believe, but the easy handling was the primary feature, something that made it versatile and a real symbol for Police Departments exploiting them.

There have been policeman on two wheels ever since these were invented, but together with the mass production of the Harley a carefully defined and maintained trajectory was created for motorcycles from their very first day at work and until retirement. After serving the force for 15-20 years (reliability is also a big thing when it comes to such models) replaced motorcycles head to the training facilities around the country where future officers “make their hand” on and – this is the part you’ll love – afterwards they are offered for sale as filled-with-history metal horses. Nice! So there is a small chance that you’ll find an original 50’s model if you set your mind on it

Engine, Year/Model: 2007/Harley TC 96 
Builder: Rucker Performance
Displacement: 96 "
Fuel System: VFI Fuel Injected
Exhaust Pipes: Fistail, Cigar or choice 
Transmission, Year/Model: 6-speed 
Primary Drive: Enclosed Chain
Final Drive: Belt 
2008 Rucker Nostalgia
Frame, Year/Model: Soft-tail
Shocks: Stock 
Front Fork: Hydra Glide 
Front Wheel: Rucker Performance 16" x 3.5" 
Rear Wheel: Rucker Performance 16" x 3.5" 
Front Brake: Single Disc with rotor cover 
Rear Brake: Stock
Front Tire: Choice of Whitewall 
Rear Tire: Choice of Whitewall 
Rear Fender: Smooth, modified for Bubble Bags and accessories 


Headlight: 7"
Fuel Tank: Rucker Performance Custom Fabricated, Split Tank Details 
Handlebars: Buckhorn with Riser 
Seat: Solo or Buddy seat 
Speedo/Tach: Stock
Hand Controls: Chrome
Foot Controls: Modified