SYM MaxSym 600i




Make Model

SYM MaxSym 600i




Single cylinder, 4-stroke, 4V, SOHC


565 cc / 34.5 cub in.

Bore and Stroke

92 x 85 mm

Compression Ratio


Cooling System

Liquid cooled


Dry sump



Fuel System

EFI (C.L.)






12V, 11.2 Ah




Centrifugal, dry type

Maximum Power

30.3 kW / 41.2 hp @ 6500 rpm

Maximum Torque

43.2 Nm / 4.4 kgf-m / 31.9 ft/lb @ 5500 rpm


CVT, auto

Final Drive



Steel tubular spaceframe


Length:  2270 mm / 89.4 in.

Width:      825 mm / 32.5 in.

Height:   1410 mm / 55.5 in.


1560 mm / 61.4 in.

Ground Clearance

132 mm / 5.2 in.

Seat Height

755 mm / 29.7 in.

Front Suspension

Telescopic fork, 41 mm

Rear Suspension

Twin sided swing arm with 5-way preload

Front Brakes

Double hydraulic discs, 275 mm, with ABS

Rear Brakes

Disc, 275 mm, with ABS


Aluminium alloy

Front Tyre

120/70-R15 56S

Rear Tyre

160/60-R14 65H

Wet Weight

234 kg / 516 lbs

Fuel Capacity 

14.2 L / 3.75 US gal

Average Fuel Consumption

4.78 L/100 km / 20.1 km/l / 49 US mpg

Top Speed

160 km/h / 99.4 mph


Black, Matte Black, Grey, Silver, White

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Being a high-end product, the Maxsym is very stylish and provides the best fit and finish level in the SYM range. Compared to other offerings, the riding position is more relaxed, with the handlebar raised to a higher position.

Starting with the MY2013, the Maxsym 600 brand is split into two variants – touring and sport. The difference between the scooters are defined by their mirrors, balances, handlebars, seat stitching and upholstery, and body graphics.

The overall size and the architecture of the 600i is the same as the Maxsym 400i, and its just the engine size that is expanded from 399cc to 565cc by increasing the bore size and stroke length.

The 600i variants’ 565cc engine puts out 45 hp @ 7,000 rpm (11 hp more than the 400i), with a peak torque output of 47 Nm @ 6,500 rpm. The 600i is 19 kg heavier than the 400i.


On arriving at the dealer my guilt soon turned to lust when I caught sight of my 600 for the first time. I had gone for the sports option which is basically matt grey paint work, red stitching on the seat, and red wheel rims. What can I say I thought it looked stunning.


Since I was one of the first purchases SYM had included a removable lockable 45 Lt top box and a huge security chain and lock. I am not a great lover of top boxes but somehow it seemed to work even if it did mean loosing the passenger backrest. Also the extra carrying capacity means I can hopefully reach my goal of using this as my main transport. The other points of note were that the linked brakes had been replaced by the new Bosch 9 ABS system, the retro chrome mirrors were now a contemporary design and colour coordinated and finally the huge round cylinder of an exhaust now resembled a laser cannon from a starship. Other changes I am told include a redesigned clutch and air box and the inclusion of a low fuel light to the fuel gauge. The Maxsym have a bike like feel the are taller and slimmer that Burgman which that are the most similar too, and have twin bike like folks.


SYM have included some nice little touches, there is a notch in the door of the battery housing to allow a charging cable to be fitted, a hole in the roof of the glove box near the two power outlets so that cables can be passed up through the handle bars (great for sat nav) and a heater vent in the front floor.. The under seat storage is slightly smaller that the 400 but it is still possible to get one full face and one half face helmet in and SYM helpfully print a diagram on the inside wall of the storage compartment to show you how to do this. It as the same triple security system, manual immobilizer under seat, ignition unit shutter and steering lock.


The 600 is a little heavier than the 400 but not noticeably and in fact it may be my imagination but I thought the 600 was easier to get on the centre stand. I had got them to prepare the bike to my specifications, i.e. screen on the tallest setting, drivers seat back on the far setting and the leavers one notch in. Therefore when I sat on it I felt instantly at home and enjoyed the comfort of the large drivers seat. So turning the key the smart blue dashboard runs through all its checks, there are warning lights for just about everything including one to remind you its time to get the bike serviced. Talking on which the service intervals have been increased on these new models but still not up there with the best of other brands.


Then it was time to hit the starter button, a pleasant rumble exuded from the laser cannon and then there was nothing. Yes the big this big 600 single thumper produced virtually no vibration, not through the seat and not through the bars in fact I have to check the rev counter to make sure I had not stalled. So to the open road, this is a bike that is born to be wild, there is no throttle lag power delivery is smooth and precise, it was not reaching an open field and taking a dog off the lead this bike wanted to run. I was of course aware that the brakes and the tyres had not bedded in (11 miles on the clock) and as is typically for me it had started to rain.. The 600 took the country lanes and the bends in its stride, it was like being a young biker again, in fact at one stage I thought I could feel my knee going down (at my age can you imagine) and all the time being accompanied but a pleasant rumble from the shapely exhust.


I hit the country town of Lewes at rush hour and suddenly my beast became a gentle lamb, having no problem remaining as smooth as silk in heavy slow moving traffic. Then it was onto the duel carriageway A27, and once again the 600 could feel the wind in its lights and was away again. I arrived home with a large grin and my mind taken off just how rough I was feeling.


So what are the negatives , well the same ones from the 400, the dash board indicators can not be seen in bright sunlight, but they are also audible. The main speedo is in KPH with the secondary ring in MPH. The clock shows the date in the American format month/day (and its not even sold in the US). The fuel filler is under a flap in the floor and it can be difficult to see when you have reached the top. With this bike SYM have taken all good points of the 400 up to the next level and as such I think they have a winner, and it is interesting to note that all the first shipment is now sold.


SYM make much about the price and in fact according to the French it even undercuts the Kymco 700 by €400 whilst the performance is the same. With its build quality, features and three year warranty a question would have to be asked if you could justify the extra £3000 for the Suzuki or £4000 for the BMW.


Review: "Spaceprobe"