Boxer Design SuperBob Concept





Carbon monocoque frame, turbo-boosted v-twin motor, single-sided swingarm, duolever front suspension geometry, and premium components — that’s what French firm Boxer Design’s SuperBob is made of. You’ll either love or hate the SuperBob’s general aesthetic, but you have to admit up close, the details of the sport-naked are superb. Based around an 88° 997cc v-twin motor that was developed by French firm Technologies (the same company behind the stillborn Inmotec MotoGP project’s motor), the Boxer Design SuperBob massages its peak power output to 158hp, thanks to some light turbo work (6-9 psi).

440 lbs ready to ride (385 lbs dry), the SuperBob is a fairly light twin, though heavier than you’d expect (the Ducati 1199 Panigale, with its aluminum monocoque frame, tips the scales 20 lbs lighter). Adorning the French motorcycle are all the usual suspects: Brembo, Öhlins, Marchesini, etc. Making 92 lbs•ft of torque at 8,000 rpm, Boxer Design envisions the SuperBob being more well-suited for city duty than the track, though we imagine some crafty owners could figure out ways to coax more boost from the motorcycle’s turbocharger.

Source A&R