Ducati 48 SL / Cacciatore




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Ducati 48 SL / Cacciatore


1964 - 68


Two stroke, single cylinder, piston-port


47.6 cc / 2.9 cu in
Bore x Stroke 38 x 42 mm

Compression Ratio


Cooling System

Air cooled


Dell'Orto UA15S


6V 18W Flywheel magneto

Spark Plug

Marelli CW 260N



Max Power

1.0 kW / 1.3 hp @ 4300 rpm


Wet, multiplate


Three speed

Final Drive

Frame Tubular steel, double down-tube

Front Suspension

Telescopic fork

Rear Suspension

Swingarm, twin shocks

Front Brakes

Drum, 118 mm

Rear Brakes

Drum, 118 mm

Front Wheel

SL: 2.25 x 18
Cacciatore: 2.50 x 18

Rear Wheel

SL: 2.50 x 17
Cacciatore: 3.25/3.50 x 18

Fuel Capacity

11.6 L / 3.1 US gal / 2.6 Imp gal

Dry Weight

SL: 58 kg / 128 lbs
Cacciatore: 63 kg / 139 lbs

Top Speed

40 km/h / 25 mph

Introduced in 1964, just for the home market, the 48 SL was a combination of the 48 Sport together with some parts from the 80 Setter (wheels & brakes). The fan-cooled 2-stroke motor was detuned to 1.34hp to comply with the under 1.5hp category, providing a top speed of 40kph.

The 48 Sport fan-cooled engine was detuned to pass the 1.5 horsepower limit and placed in a duplex frame with wheels and brakes from the 80 Setter. There was a new 11.6-litre tank, shared with the 90 Cacciatore and 90 Cadet. The Cacciatore was a dual-purpose model, based on the 48 SL, with a hand gear change, universal tires, higher braced handlebar, higher exhaust on the left, solo saddle, rear rack and dual rear sprockets. None of the 48 SL Cacciatores received the upgraded 50-cc engine of the 50 SL from 1966, but American demand for larger capacity models led to the 90 Cacciatore (Mountaineer in the U.S.) only in 1964.