Hesketh Valiant


This supercharged v-twin, the Hesketh Valiant is named after a bomber.  Most of the engineering and parts were specifically manufactured and developed for Hesketh by UK companies.

Key Features:

Engine - S&S X wedge, v-twin, TSS supercharger

Capacity -128 cubic-in 2100cc

Power - 210 hp

Torque - 217 lb-ft / 285 Nm

Cluth - Baker King Kong 21 plate

Transmission - Baker 6 Speed

Frame - Chrome molly steel Swing arm with integral oil tank produced by Nottingham’s GIA engineering

Suspension - Razor rear shock by K-tech

Wheels - 3 piece construction with billet rims

Brakes - set of billet 12-piston calipers front, and a Beringer four-potter rear.

Instruments - Smiths speedometer

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