Husqvarna TE 449RR Dakar





At the team headquarters in Stephanskirchen (Bavaria) everyone has been working overtime since many months to build five race bikes capable of winning the Dakar 2012 - with the brand new Husqvarna TE 449 RR by Speedbrain as the new challenger.

The team will have 5 riders: the French David Frétigné, the Portuguese Paulo Goncalves, the Spanish Joan Barreda and the two Brazilian Zé Helio and Ike Klaumann.

The new Rallye bike developed by Speedbrain is a very specialized bike, with many tricky solutions developed and designed in countless hours of testing and engineering. It takes advantage of various elements out of the Husqvarna TE 449 and also the BMW G 450 X, and apart from the strong TE 449, it´s especially lightweight and easy to handle both in fast and technical conditions.

After introducing their new developments in Rallye technology, Speedbrain got financial, partly technological and material support from Husqvarna. The 11-men crew, plus the 5 riders, is an experienced combination of individuals mixed of eight different nationalities, which have mostly been on board at the past Dakar already.

Team principal Wolfgang Fischer: "We are very happy that we could convince Husqvarna to partner with us for our Rallye bike developments and we are proud to continue to be a partner of the BMW Group and Husqvarna. I want to thank especially my staff, who believed strongly in the project, working very hard on countless days, long evenings and weekends, to make our vision happen. I want to thank also our sponsors and technical partners for their great and fast support in many ways. I am sure we can prove in the 2012 Dakar the big potential of the team, the bike and the great riders we´ll have at the start in Argentina on 1st January 2012. Of ourse, our common goal is to stand on the podium at the finish line in Lima, ideally at the top of it..."