Suzuki Crosscage Concept




Suzukiís Crosscage hydrogen fuel cell powered electric bike  The fuel cell for the Suzuki Crosscage was designed by Intelligent Energy and features its patented air-cooled system.

The Crosscage concept also features a semi-naked design and the major feature of a crosscage frame. Two large bars provide the bike chassis with stiffness, intersecting in the middle of the bike and itís a design that may be employed on a production bike in the future if Suzuki can show that itís rigid enough.

From the looks of it, this conceptís hydrogen tank is carried right at the center of the bike, which should be a boon for safety considering that the hydrogen would be stored at very high pressures.

Besides the fact that the bike is powered by a fuel cell and batteries, the bike looks pretty sporty. What is rather interesting, though, are the suspension systems on the bike. That single-sided front fork is rather common these days on high-performance bikes, but single-sided forks have not yet hit the masses. To stiffen things up where the fork tubes meet, Suzuki appears to have added a strengthening linkage of some sort.

Seems like Bridgestoneís even developed a special futuristic-looking tyre to match the bikeís oddly tesselated discs..

The Cosscage concept as pictured here, seems like hasnít any chance to go into production but it will be interesting to see which design elements of this bike will see the light of day on future production models. As cool as this concept may be, hydrogen fueling stations around every corner are still a very long way off.